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A progressive programme developed specifically for Irish Dancers. Incorporating mobility, strengthening, power, stamina, injury prevention as well as technique geared work.


Come to understand the nutrition guidelines and principles for optimum performance, as well tailoring your diet to your specific goals and needs.


Learn how to conquer nerves, boost confidence and master motivation.. In class, in practice, and on stage!


On top of the knowledge and information I share with you, I'll always be on hand to help you personally. Ask questions, share progress and stay accountable!

Along with bonus workouts, extra content and recommendations, and a private group to share your progress, keep you inspired and help you stay accountable!

Nadine Martin

Before working with Fitness Formula, I already had a very successful competing career. It just seemed as though it never came together when it mattered most! I knew my goal for the year was to win the World Championships, and that I needed to make changes in my training to fix the flaws I had.

Through working with Fran, I got into the shape I wanted to be in physically, my stamina and carriage improved significantly, and I got the confidence in myself I needed to achieve my dream. I got the World Title I had been working my whole life for- and I can honestly say it was worth every minute!

Nadine Martin Marie Connell School Of Irish Dancing

Find Out A Little More About Me...

Hi there!

My name is Frances Dunne, and I am a Irish dancer, Personal Trainer, and Mindset Coach. I’m currently a lead dancer in Lord of the Dance, and in my competing years won many championships and prestigious awards.

I am also the creator of Fitness Formula for Irish Dance... Something I am most proud of! I've worked with those just starting out on their dancing journey, to World Champions at the top of their game.

What I have developed is a tried and tested route to improvement, and I aspire to guide dancers through whatever obstacles they're facing, in order to help them achieve their dreams, as I did mine.

Here's a little bit about my history, how I got to where I am today, and how it's going to help you 🙂

Fran x

My Story

I've already briefly outlined my 'accolades' as such,

And yes...

I guess you could say I’ve reached a high level of success 🙂


Having achieved such does not automatically make me the right person to help you! So here is a little more about my journey, which, has certainly been no walk in the park...

I began dancing at the age of 8, with the Sean Eireann McMahon School of Irish Dancing; but I wasn’t one of these dancers who was always good... Someone who you’d always see place highly. In fact my first proper Worlds for solo dancing wasn’t until I was 17!

I had qualified 2 years previously, but was just doing so much leading up to the World, that I completely burnt out. I became very ill, and it took me a fair while to recover. I then- much to my heartbreak- didn’t qualify the next year.

I was tempted at this point to give up- stop dancing. I figured I was too old to get anywhere, and didn’t want to waste my mums time and money! But the thing was…I absolutely loved it. It was- simply put- my life! I mean I wasn’t asking to be a world champion, but I knew I hadn’t yet reached my best.

It was also at this point in time that my soon to be main teachers had started teaching with the school I was at, and I didn’t want to miss out on the opportunity of working with them, so I decided to carry on! With the resolve that I would do my utmost to get somewhere.

Worlds Picture

The aforementioned teachers, Edward Searle and Byron Tuttle went on to form their own school, The Academy, which I was all to proud to be a part of.

Anyhow- to cut a long story short...

What have I achieved?

Being lucky enough to have these incredible teachers at my side, I worked my way up to achieving 3rd in the World just 4 years later! In the process also winning the North American Nationals three years in a row, and placing in the top 10 at every major.

When my teachers moved to the United States, I had the pleasure of dancing for Marie Connell and Danny Doherty, who were also brilliant.

It had always been my greatest aspiration within the dancing world however, to join a show. For me- dancing is abut performing, and connecting with an audience. Watching the likes of Bernadette Flynn and Gillian Norris was my motivation, not necessarily competitive dancers. So when I retired from competition (I was in no rush right enough as I was studying for my personal training qualification) I knew I had to make it into Lord of the Dance...

That wasn’t plain sailing either! However after initially not making it into a troupe, I was offered the opportunity to join the cast and perform in the West End of London, an incredibly prestigious location.

10398046_10156441871470046_4547244391516462436_nWithin 3 weeks of joining I had not only done my first lead show, but had the privilege of doing it with Michael Flatley himself! Suffice to say an experience I’ll never forget.

So from being a ‘nobody’ dancer up until the age of 17, I went on to prove to myself and others, that your dreams CAN be achieved. Hence my work to create something that would pass on what I had learned, and so help dancers at ANY level improve themselves.

So for all the lows that came with the highs..

I wouldn’t change it for the world!

Because now?

I am here, able to help and guide you 🙂

What Is Fitness Formula?

An online programme designed specifically to help you reach your goals...

I truly believe that every dancer should have an equal chance at success; but factors such as teacher:student ratio, competition for attention, and not enough resources for self learning; mean that it's simply not the case!

Well... I want to give you the best chance possible.

Fitness Formula for Irish Dance is a progressive program that takes you through the exact methods used by champions to aid them in achieving their goals.

'Fitness’ is very much a buzz word in the Irish Dancing community at the moment, but let me assure you, it is not just a passing phase!

Irish dancing is more than just a hobby. It is a sport. And like every other sport, needs supplementary exercises and training regimes in order for you to avoid burnout, prevent injury, and consistently improve your performance.

Through much trying and testing, I have developed for you a proven step by step programme that will cater for all your needs as an Irish Dancer, and help you on your way to becoming the best that you can be!

How Did Fitness Formula Come About?

When I think about my dancing journey

I feel mega proud of myself and what I have accomplished.

Because it wasn’t easy!

(You can learn more about that here)

It was not only difficult from a physical perspective, but it was also very mentally challenging at points...

The thing is, there was a heck of a lot more to it than simply turning up to class and my brilliant teachers making me 'magically' better!

See it comes down to what you do with the 150+ hours a week you’re not at class.

At the end of the day…they could tell me what I needed to improve, but it was down to me to take that on board, and actually make it happen!

Unless I took what they gave me, and worked out how to actually make it stick, I would be going nowhere.

So I started to put to use what I was learning in my studies to become a personal trainer, and knowledge I had gained growing up from my mum, who is a (brilliant) Sports Therapist.

I figured there had to be a reason behind why some people could naturally jump higher, or turn their feet out more; what was behind others’ lack of power or poor posture. We all have the same skeleton, the same muscles... So surely they had to play a part?

So I researched and experimented, tried and tested, ways of achieving those improvements.

I got to working out the methods behind how I could actually make those changes I needed to. Working out why it was that I struggled with things some of my class mates didn’t, and vice versa.

And what it brought me to, was this!


How Is It Going To Help Me?

Fitness Formula is a programme that starts off right at the root of how and why you're doing things. Essentially making sure that you're mobile where you need to be, strong where it matters, and activating muscles in the right places.

This effects everything...

From technique, to ability to jump, to how well you get through a dance (and that's before even working on power and stamina)

We then move from fixing those basic movement barriers, to working on getting you more powerful in your dancing, then getting your stamina to where it needs to be.

As well as all those finer points such as, maintaining a necessary base level of strength and fitness, technicalities like postureturnoutsharpness, getting high on your toes, and making sure your body is as responsive as possible through your nervous system.

 All in a progressive manner, to avoid overload and aid actual improvement!

(Not to mention everything that goes along with it, nutritionally and psychologically speaking...)

Here are just some of the benefits of joining the Fitness Formula Community!

  • Increased Strength
  • Improved Mobility and Flexibility
  • More Power
  • Better Stamina
  • Higher Level Of Fitness
  • Technique improvement
  • Peak Timing For Competition
  • Injury Prevention
  • Nutrition Knowledge
  • Diet Templates
  • More Confidence
  • Performance Coaching
  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Trusted Advice

It is my mission to help as many dancers as I can achieve what they thought wasn't possible.

To share my knowledge, offer guidance, and support those of you who need it.

To help you achieve your dreams, as I did mine 🙂

Ciara Loughran

I always had a strong heavy round but really struggled with my light round as I found it really hard to get any lift. I couldn't straighten my legs on jumps and just didn't have any bounce at all really! I was really hoping to improve my strength and power and finally make the podium at the worlds.

After being on the podium at every other major I really wanted to push myself to achieve my goal this year and get stronger, without doing a workout that was boring. That's why I started this programme.

I was slightly worried about whether or not it would make a difference - a couple of workouts in and I could definitely tell it was!!

I came 5th at the worlds! I could tell in the classes leading up to the Worlds that my strength was improving and that I now had a strong core to lift and hold my jumps. So many people commented on how powerful my dancing was, I feel much fitter and stronger and my legs have completely changed shape, so much more muscly. I would definitely recommend this programme as it has benefited all aspects of my dancing and as a result I am a much more confident performer!

Ciara Loughran